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A guide to yacht glass in superyacht design

Often overlooked as just part of the superstructure, yacht glass is typically taken for granted in its integral role in yacht design and function. Yachting Pages presents a guide to yacht glass care and design, covering glass cleaning, restoration, repair and suppliers, as well as it’s role in stunning superyacht design. Read superyacht glass guides.

Tilse GmbH

Tilse GmbH

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"One of the leading marine glass suppliers for the yachting industry"

12 Sottorfallee, Hamburg, Germany

The Tilse group, based in Hamburg, Germany, is a leading provider of glass products for the marine industry. They have over 20 years’ experience and have acquired specific expertise in fitting yachts and superyachts with high quality…

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Inglas Vetri S.r.l.

Pisa, Italy

Inglas Vetri is a custom glass supplier in Italy, specialising in curved glass production for a range of...

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